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Parents Corner

‘Today’s child is tomorrow’s future’, this saying reflects the importance of correct upbringing. More inclusive the upbringing, brighter will be the future of the kid. Certain factors play a decisive role in shaping the future of the kids, like teachers, environment at school & home, parents and peers amongst others. Empathetic bonding and communication are must between the teachers / school and parents.

A friendly atmosphere, both at school and home, brings the best out of a child. In order to improve the communication gap and differences, if any, we recommend PTM (Parents and Teachers Meet) once in a month.

The meeting has following advantages:

  • Detailed feedback of kids to parents by teachers
  • Exchange of views between parents and teachers
  • Exchange of suggestion to improve quality

As a responsible institution, we provide an open forum for parents to interact with teachers, exchange views and ideas to improve quality without hesitation. Together, we will carve the future of the kids.