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Food & Fitness

Nutrition Diet Menu

Fresh tastes – healthy food at school

We provide healthy & nutritious meals and smart tasty snacks for picky eaters to meet the calorie demands of growing kids.

Monthly diet menu will be given to parents, one sample is given below

  • Focused, theme based activities and development of key academic skills
  • Developing social skills, interaction with peers and teachers using free play
  • Enhancing reading and writing skills
  • Advanced bubbles curriculum for smooth transition to a structured learning and formal school program

01.mm.2019 Semiya Upma, Banana Vanilla milk Pulka, Palak Dal, Carrot Fry, White Rice, Curd, Papad Salad – Sweet Corn
02.mm.2019 Methi Parota, Orange Sweet Corn Soup Cocunut Rice, Raita, Papad Salad – Tomato
03.mm.2019 Oats, Banana Strawberry Milk Pulka, Sambar, Carrot Fry, White Rice, Curd, Wheels, Salad – Cucumber
04.mm.2019 Idly with Sambar, Pomegranate Carrot soup Pulka, Cucumber Dal, Aloo Fry, White Rice, Curd, Crispy Corn, Salad – Beet Root
05.mm.2019 Vada with chutney, Apple Rava Kesari Pulka, Methi Dal, Banana Fry, Rice, Curd, Bats, Salad – Cucumber
06.mm.2019 Ponganalu with chutney, Grapes Almond Milk Pulka, Tomato Dal, Beans Fry, White Rice, Curd, Wheels, Salad – Tomato
08.mm.2019 Aloo Parota, Kiwi Tomato Soup Meal Maker Rice, Raita, Gold Fingers, Salad – Carrot
09.mm.2019 Pasta, Musk Melon Chocolate Milk Pulka, Ridge Guard Dal, Tomato Curry, White Rice, Curd, Papads, Salad – Sweet Corn
10.mm.2019 Poori with Aloo, Strawberry Semiya Payisam Pulka, Tomato Dal, Brinjal Curry, White Rice, Curd, Papad, Salad – Tomato
11.mm.2019 Bread with Peanut Butter, Banana Horlicks Milk Pulka, Methi Dal, Cauliflower Fry, Gold Fingers, Salad – Cucumber
12.mm.2019 Paneer Parota, Papaya Mixed Vegetable Soup Mixed Vegetable Rice, Raita, Gold Fingers, Salad – Carrot
13.mm.2019 Puffed Rice, Banana Boost Milk Pulka, Sambar, Green Peas Curry, White Rice, Curd, Gold Fingers
15.mm.2019 Dosa with Chutney, Apple Sweet Corn Soup Pulka, Cucumber Dal, Lady Finger Fry, White Rice, Nurd, Bats, Salad – Tomato
16.mm.2019 Masoor Bhaji, Pomegranate Bread Halwa Pulka , Tomato Dal, Cabbage Fry, White Rice, Curd, Crispy Corn, Salad – Beet Root
17.mm.2019 Noodles, Orange Vanilla Milk Shake Pulka, Beetroot Fry, Plain Dal, White Rice, Curd, potato Smileys, Salad – Carrot
18.mm.2019 Palak Parota, Grapes Tomato Soup Lemon Rice, Curd, Papads, Salad – Sweet Corn
19.mm.2019 Tomato Bath, Banana Almond Milk Pulka, Palak Dal, Cluster Beans Curry, White Rice, Curd, Wheels, Salad – Cucumber
20.mm.2019 Pessarettu with Chutney, Muskmelon Carrot Soup Pulka, Sorrel Leaves Dal, Gerkin Fry, White Rice, Curd, Gold Fingers, Salad – Carrot
21.mm.2019 Ponganallu with Chutney, Papaya Sweet Pongali Pulka, Cucumber Dal, Drum Stick Curry, White Rice, Curd, Bats, Salad – Tomato