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Food & Fitness

Nutrition Diet Menu

Fresh tastes – healthy food at school

We provide healthy & nutritious meals and smart tasty snacks for picky eaters to meet the calorie demands of growing kids.

Monthly diet menu will be given to parents, one sample is given below

  • Focused, theme based activities and development of key academic skills
  • Developing social skills, interaction with peers and teachers using free play
  • Enhancing reading and writing skills
  • Advanced bubbles curriculum for smooth transition to a structured learning and formal school program

01.mm.2019Semiya Upma, BananaVanilla milkPulka, Palak Dal, Carrot Fry, White Rice, Curd, Papad Salad – Sweet Corn
02.mm.2019Methi Parota, OrangeSweet Corn SoupCocunut Rice, Raita, Papad Salad – Tomato
03.mm.2019Oats, BananaStrawberry MilkPulka, Sambar, Carrot Fry, White Rice, Curd, Wheels, Salad – Cucumber
04.mm.2019Idly with Sambar, PomegranateCarrot soupPulka, Cucumber Dal, Aloo Fry, White Rice, Curd, Crispy Corn, Salad – Beet Root
05.mm.2019Vada with chutney, AppleRava KesariPulka, Methi Dal, Banana Fry, Rice, Curd, Bats, Salad – Cucumber
06.mm.2019Ponganalu with chutney, GrapesAlmond MilkPulka, Tomato Dal, Beans Fry, White Rice, Curd, Wheels, Salad – Tomato
08.mm.2019Aloo Parota, KiwiTomato SoupMeal Maker Rice, Raita, Gold Fingers, Salad – Carrot
09.mm.2019Pasta, Musk MelonChocolate MilkPulka, Ridge Guard Dal, Tomato Curry, White Rice, Curd, Papads, Salad – Sweet Corn
10.mm.2019Poori with Aloo, StrawberrySemiya PayisamPulka, Tomato Dal, Brinjal Curry, White Rice, Curd, Papad, Salad – Tomato
11.mm.2019Bread with Peanut Butter, BananaHorlicks MilkPulka, Methi Dal, Cauliflower Fry, Gold Fingers, Salad – Cucumber
12.mm.2019Paneer Parota, PapayaMixed Vegetable SoupMixed Vegetable Rice, Raita, Gold Fingers, Salad – Carrot
13.mm.2019Puffed Rice, BananaBoost MilkPulka, Sambar, Green Peas Curry, White Rice, Curd, Gold Fingers
15.mm.2019Dosa with Chutney, AppleSweet Corn SoupPulka, Cucumber Dal, Lady Finger Fry, White Rice, Nurd, Bats, Salad – Tomato
16.mm.2019Masoor Bhaji, PomegranateBread HalwaPulka , Tomato Dal, Cabbage Fry, White Rice, Curd, Crispy Corn, Salad – Beet Root
17.mm.2019Noodles, OrangeVanilla Milk ShakePulka, Beetroot Fry, Plain Dal, White Rice, Curd, potato Smileys, Salad – Carrot
18.mm.2019Palak Parota, GrapesTomato SoupLemon Rice, Curd, Papads, Salad – Sweet Corn
19.mm.2019Tomato Bath, BananaAlmond MilkPulka, Palak Dal, Cluster Beans Curry, White Rice, Curd, Wheels, Salad – Cucumber
20.mm.2019Pessarettu with Chutney, MuskmelonCarrot SoupPulka, Sorrel Leaves Dal, Gerkin Fry, White Rice, Curd, Gold Fingers, Salad – Carrot
21.mm.2019Ponganallu with Chutney, PapayaSweet PongaliPulka, Cucumber Dal, Drum Stick Curry, White Rice, Curd, Bats, Salad – Tomato