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Kids Yoga

Kids yoga

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As parents, we need to know how yoga benefits children and helps them cope with today’s stressful times with a peaceful mind.

Physical Benefits

The most obvious benefits of practicing yoga include making our bodies more flexible, strengthening and toning of the body, keeping our internal organs functioning optimally and keeps our joints moving and lubricated. Most health issues can be prevented even before they arise by regularly doing Yoga asanas.

Mental benefits

Yoga has been shown to improve focus and concentration. Holding postures and focusing on one’s breath through deep inhalation and exhalation keeps their mind on the job at hand and cultivates the practice of focus and concentration on the present. The balanced breathing poses in yoga forces your mind to concentrate on the posture to keep from falling down.

How to sit in one place

Children are usually in such a heightened state of action and movement that when they need to suddenly switch to a quieter mode to sit down and study, they struggle to make that transition. Yoga introduces them to the art of sitting still and quiet. It is difficult for children to absorb anything if they are unable to quieten themselves and yoga helps in the development of this ability.

How to Breathe

It is funny, but even as adults, most of us don’t breathe right. Our breath is either accelerated due to tension or stress or shallow, without utilizing all sections of the respiratory track. Pranayama teaches children the right technique to breathe. This breathe control technique calms the mind and will help them calm down when they encounter any kind of stressful situations.

‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is a phrase we have all heard many times. Yoga does exactly that. It cultivates a sound mind in a sound body by teaching it how to relax, breathe and have control. Children who do yoga regularly will have more awareness of their body which would translate to being more mindful of the world around them. There are a number of programs around the city where yoga is being conducted on June 21st, International Yoga day. Take your children along and introduce them to our amazing heritage that is Yoga.