Welcome to Ayush Kids Preschool!!



Everyone can learn but not on the same day and In the same way

At Ayush kids, we provide tuition services till the age group of 18 years.

Intensive coaching for all classes

Subject wise teachers are available (SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IB, Cambridge)

Coaching for 9th & 10th class students as per the new syllabus and new question paper pattern.

Intermediate M.P.C/B.P.C/C.E.C/M.E.C coaching available

Fully experienced and excellent corporate faculty for inter children (I.P/NEET/MAINS-JEE & Advanced)

Exams will be conducted and Sunday classes for average and below average students.

Lack of proper teaching can lead to struggles and failures regardless of intellectual ability

An academic approach as unique as each student

Weather your child needs to catch up, keep up or to be enriched, our team works to tailor sessions with the current curriculum.